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Type: Article
Title: Structural Changes and the Ukrainian Labour Market Organisation PDF Article
Author: Olga Nosova
Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8523-7802
On-line: 15-June-2023
Metrics: Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 1(2023)3–9 – ISSN 2783-6967.
DOI: 10.57005/ab.2023.1.1
URL: http://www.applied-business-solutions.eu/h23/2023_1_1.html
Abstract. The article aims to analyze the structural changes and the Ukrainian labor market organization in the condition of military aggression against Ukraine. The Ukrainian economy encounters the devastating destructions and losses of economic entities, enormous capital, and labor under the effect of military aggression. Structural changes include a change in the industrial structure of production, the destruction of large enterprises, and supply chains, the loss of part of the labor force, and fluctuations between skilled and unskilled jobs. Thus, SMEs in the service sector suffer due to the reduction of the population in cities, which causes both a reduction in demand for certain types of services (hotel and restaurant business, beauty salons, providers of extracurricular educational services, etc.) and a reduction in the supply of highly qualified specialists (IT sector, experts in financial, design and consulting services). Small business because of the war feels caught between the minimum possible sale of their products and reduced demand. The basic research questions are identifying and estimating the urgent needs of the labor market and capital. It will be directed to define sectors that can speed up the process of rebuilding the economy. Diversifying the economy, increasing product/service sophistication, using comparative advantages and transfer of resources (both labor and capital) leads to more productive activities and a rise in well-being.
JEL: J01; J08; J60.
Keywords: structural changes; labor market; small and medium business.
Citation: Olga Nosova (2023) Structural Changes and the Ukrainian Labour Market Organisation. – Applied Business: Issues & Solutions 1(2023)3–9 – ISSN 2783-6967.

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